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Are you searching for fit-for-purpose & easy to learn hypnotherapy training?

Do you want a course that is exciting, flexible and practical?

Are you looking for a supportive, complete package with certification?

Welcome to Modern Hypnosis Training Academy & my name is Alan Currie 

Why are Modern Hypnosis courses different ?


Modern Hypnosis Head Trainer Alan Currie runs the courses and is an Affiliate Trainer with the UK Hypnosis Academy & so he brings a vast array of knowledge & experience PLUS we offer options for learning...

These courses are for people that wish: 

•a career change.

•as an add on to your therapy tool box.

•as a hobby.

•as a full or part time business.

•as an interest.

•to help others.

•or simply to learn more.

 Course 1.

      Which is TWO courses in ONE

      Hypnotherapy Foundation Course &

      Introduction to Hypnotherapy Course

      UKHA / UK Hypnosis Academy Course

      (This is a 1 day course face to face or online)           Course fee £150

 Course 2.  

       Which is THREE courses in ONE 

       KS / Kinetic Shift Practitioner Course ,

       It's CPD accredited & it's Certified via UKHA 

       (UK Hypnosis Academy)                           

       Included in this course is Course 1 

       Hypnotherapy Foundation Course &

       Introduction to Hypnotherapy Course


       (This is a 2 day course face to face or online)            Course fee £400

               (please note if its online a follow up assessment will take place)

Course 3.

       Modern Hypnosis Training Academy Certification Course /

       Hypnotherapy Certified Course  

      When you purchase Course 3 you will get Course 1 & Course 2 included.

       (This is a 5 day face to face course)                

       (And so its FOUR courses in ONE)                Course fee £1500

Here is what you get... & the benefits




PLEASE NOTE Course 1 & Course 2 are stand alone UKHA / Uk Hypnosis Academy Courses so they are not part of the Modern Hypnosis Training Academy Course, each course is an individual course as follows: 

  • Introduction to Hypnotherapy Course (UKHA)

  • Hypnotherapy Foundation Course (UKHA)

  • KS / Kinetic Shift Practitioner (UKHA Certified & CPD Accredited)

  • Modern Hypnosis Training Academy Certification Cours


                                                  .....All of the above for £1500 (Special Offer)

                                                                                            (normally its £2500)

Because so many therapists once they complete courses they simply struggle for many reasons...getting clients, being confident, running a business & this is where we also specialise & offer the correct guidance & mentoring support as part of the Course 3... with 5 FREE Bolt On Modules of Business Training & Mentoring PLUS Alan has trained with some of the worlds best hypnotists & hypnotherapists & has the certification to prove it & above all the knowledge & experience which he will show you how to build a business & most importantly the passion for hypnosis as a clinical specialist therapist & teacher alike.

To secure your place or find out more message me here or call , text , WhatsApp Alan on 07885 348652

   (+44 7885348652 outside UK)



 Alan Currie

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