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Helping You Move Forward

I started my career as a Psychiatric Nurse / RMN Mental Health Nurse when I was in the care sector as a Staff Nurse and moved onto a very fulfilled career & life in: fitness, aerobics, martial arts, Thai Boxing, owning a gym, Personal Training, living in Spain, becoming certified in many therapies & focusing on Hypnotherapy and so now I value blending all my skill sets & experiences delivering 100% commitment helping any client resolve any issue.

I have found “the issue is very rarely the issue” there is always something underlying or a lot of the time..

Everyone I meet that comes to see me and experience my Modern Hypnosis therapy discover that not only do their issues get resolved but also their personal and working lives take off in new and exciting ways as well.

You will come out much happier, relaxed and more confident. It is a rebirth of a better version of yourself, one that is full of life and potential.

My greatest success is helping people & the rest forms a list as below...

Mental Health Nurse  (Former RMN / Staff Nurse)

• Trainer at Modern Hypnosis Training Academy

• Affiliate Trainer at the UK Hypnosis Academy

• Child Psychology Certified

• Kinetic Shift Practitioner UK Hypnosis Academy Certified 

• Certified Hypnotist with world famous MMHA / Mike Mandel

• Master Practitioner / Clinical Hypnotherapist 

• Certified Life Coach

• Certified NLP Practitioner 


• Cognitive Behavioural Life Coach Practitioner Certified

• Anxiety Solution

• NUVI completed 

• Past Life Regression - Exploring the Past to Heal the Present Certified

• 33 years as a professional coach in body & mind

 (fitness, PT, martial arts, Muay Thai, mind & subconscious change work coach)

• Gym Owner since 1997 & Fitness Expert

• Vast experience in communicating in person to person sectors.

• Trainer of multiple Champions 

 (World Titles / Champions, European, British, K1& Scottish Champions)

• Certified Martial Arts Instructor

• 5th Dan (5th Degree) Red/Silver Muay Thai Instructor (Martial Arts expert)

• Former Undefeated Scottish Muay Thai Welterweight Champion

• Disclosure / PVG Certified

• YMCA Aerobics Instructor Certified

• Personal Trainer Certified

• Diet & Exercise Certified

• Step Reebok Certified 

• Massage Certified


Certified / Accredited / Disclosure Checked / Professional / Confidential Service / Insured

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