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I began my career as a Psychiatric Nurse/RMN Mental Health Nurse in the care sector. Over time, I explored various fields, including fitness, martial arts, owning a gym, and becoming certified in multiple therapies. I found my passion in Hypnotherapy and NLP and Language Patterns  and now blend all my skill sets and experiences to provide unwavering commitment in helping clients resolve any issue they face.

Through my work, I have discovered that often the presenting issue is not the root cause. By delving deeper, we uncover underlying factors that contribute to the challenges individuals face. Clients who experience my Modern Hypnosis and NLP therapy not only find resolution to their issues but also witness positive transformations in their personal and professional lives.

When you embark on this journey, you will emerge happier, more relaxed, and filled with confidence. It is like a rebirth, a better version of yourself, brimming with life and potential.

My greatest success lies in helping people..
The extensive list of my certifications and accomplishments includes

Mental Health Nurse (Former RMN/Staff Nurse)

✓ Trainer at Modern Hypnosis Training Academy

 Member of BSMDH : British Society Medical & Dental Hypnosis

 Creator of The Layering Protocol

✓ Creator of The Anxiety Solution

 Affiliate Trainer at the UK Hypnosis Academy

 Certified in Child Psychology

 Kinetic Shift Practitioner/UK Hypnosis Academy Certified

 Certified Hypnotist with the world-famous MMHA / Mike Mandel

✓ Master Practitioner/Clinical Hypnotherapist

 Certified Life Coach

 Certified NLP Practitioner

 EMDR Practitioner

 Certified Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach Practitioner

 Anxiety Solution Specialist

 Creator of CPC Certification Courses (tm)

 Creator of 'Kids Beat The Bullies' Self Defence System

 Former International Champion Runner, (28:29 for 10k , 4:07mile 13:34 5k)

 Over 33 years as a professional coach in body and mind

 Gym Owner since 1997 and Fitness Expert

 Vast experience in personal communication and masterclass presentations

 Trainer of multiple Champions in martial arts

Certified Martial Arts Instructor

 5th Dan (5th Degree) Red/Silver Muay Thai Instructor

Former Undefeated Scottish Muay Thai Welterweight Champion

 Disclosure/PVG Certified 

Certified YMCA Aerobics Instructor

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified in Diet & Exercise

Certified Step Reebok Instructor

Certified in Massage

Rest assured, I provide a certified, accredited, professional, confidential service with appropriate insurance coverage. Your well-being and privacy are of utmost importance to me.