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I had a session with Alan today and was slightly nervous on what to expect. there was absolutely no need to be! came away from the session feeling positive and with a renewed outlook amazing! Thank you Alan & I will definitely be back!

Kayleigh Warnock

I had my first hypnosis session with Alan 2 days ago and I have fully saw a difference in myself since.

I have received counselling for over 10 years now which has never had a lasting effect on me and I had never fully felt like I had addressed my issues. But as soon as I woke up from my hypnosis with Alan I knew this had worked. Since my hypnosis I have been more positive, happy and had a sense of inner peace which I have never ever felt. I have also had many people come up to me and said I am glowing!

This has fully changed my life and I am so so grateful to Alan for this. I would 1 million percent recommend Alan, everyone NEEDS to try this!!!

Agnes Nicola


Don’t usually post things but this needs it! If anyone has any small or major issues in life whether it be anxiety, depression, unhappiness, or they just want to better themselves and feel more positive about life, Alan Currie is the man to see.

 I had my first hypnosis session with him tonight and the second I stood up off his chair I felt the benefits of it, unbelievable the things he can do for you, cannot thank or recommend him enough, so if you’re feeling down or whatever the issue then 100% go see him you won’t regret it.

Tony Sockell


Highly recommend Alan ! Easy to speak with and I’ve felt great si nce . The grief has gone and my association with crap food is now away 100%. Thank you.

Nicola Wason

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