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AI : Artificial Intelligence Certification Course

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Learning Outcomes

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Importance of Artificial Intelligence
  • Different Types of AI
  • Some Recent Examples of AI
  • Role of AI in Today's Job Market
  • How to Make Money With AI
  • Content Writing Using AI Tools
  • How To Make Money With AI Writing
  • How to Leverage AI in Content Writing
  • List of Different AI Content Writing Tools
  • Ways to Use ChatGPT for Content Writing
  • Using AI To Writing and Self-Publishing Your eBook
  • The world of AI Art
  • How to Make Money with AI Art
  • Different Online AI Art Generators
  • How to use DALL·E 2 for Creating Arts
  • Efficient Workflows and Automation Using ChatGPT
  • Using the Right Prompt for Generating Perfect Image
  • Marketplaces for your AI Image Monetization
  • AI Video
  • How to Earn Money Through AI-Based Video Editing
  • Best AI Video Generators of 2023
  • Monetizing AI-generated videos on YouTube
  • Selling AI-generated videos to Businesses
  • Make Money as a Web and Software Developer
  • How is AI being used in Web Development
  • How to use AI in Software Development
  • Areas Where AI Impacts Software Development
  • Challenges of using AI in software development
  • Hard Skills & Problem-Solving With ChatGPT
  • Professional Ways To Make Money With AI
  • Earn Money by Creating AI Chatbots
  • Create AI Characters and Animation for Video Games
  • Integrate ChatGPT into Existing Platforms

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Learning Modules

  • Introduction to AI and its Applications in Earning
  • Earning through AI Content Writing
  • Earning through AI Generate Art
  • Earning through AI Video Creation
  • Earning through AI Software & Web Development
  • Earning through AI Integration Services
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