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CBT : Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Certification Course

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Learning Outcomes

  • CBT
  • Historical development of CBT
  • Types of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • CBT Techniques
  • Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety
  • CBT Techniques For Anxiety
  • CBT Helps Reduce Anxious Thought Patterns
  • Anxiety
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Panic Attack
  • GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) in Teenage Females and Children
  • effects of anxiety disorder
  • Depression
  • The Relationship Between Depression and Anxiety
  • How To Deal with Anxiety
  • Goal Setting
  • Key Principles of Goal Setting for Creating Life Opportunities
  • Ways to Identify Your Goals
  • Express Yourself Authentically and with Confidence
  • How to Overcome Your Fear and Find Clarity
  • Unlock Your Hidden Power to Overcome Your Fear
  • How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs to Achieve Anything You Want
  • How to Get in a Flow State to Maximize Your Potential
  • How to Create a Powerful Vision for The Life You Want
  • How to Set Yourself Free from the Hidden Forces that Are Shaping Your Behavior
  • How to How to Level up Your Mindset to Succeed
  • Develop Greater Trust in Your Life Unfolding Journey
  • How to Create Your Ultimate Roadmap for Success
  • Making a Plan for Achievement
  • Working Toward Your Goals
  • Personal Development Goals
  • Relationship Goals for a Happier, Stronger, and Improved Relationship
  • the Meaning of Getting Back to Life
  • Tips To Get Your Life Back on Track
  • Getting Time Under Control
  • Reestablishing Healthy Habits
  • Getting Organized
  • Pattern-Based Thinking
  • Types of Thinking Patterns
  • Ways to Identify your Thinking pattern
  • Practice for Greater Wellbeing
  • Benefits of Identifying and Redirecting Automatic Negative Thoughts
  • Risks Related to Automatic Negative Thoughts
  • Identifying Your Negative Thought Patterns
  • Actively Changing Your Unhelpful Thinking Habits
  • Thinking More Positively
  • Coping with Negative Thoughts in the Long-Term
  • Time Management
  • Implications of Poor Time Management
  • Benefits of Time Management
  • Tips For Effective Time Management
  • task management
  • How to improve task management skills
  • Stop Giving Away Your Personal Power, and Ways to taking it Back
  • How to Awaken Your True Potential and Transform Your Life
  • How to Increase Your Charisma and Personal Magnetism
  • How to Design Your Own Blueprint for Success and Happiness
  • How to Unleash Your Inner Guidance System

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Learning Modules

  • Getting Familiar with CBT
  • Understanding Anxiety and Depression
  • Setting Your Goals and Getting Started
  • Getting Back to Life
  • Identifying Your Thought Patterns
  • Breaking Negative Thought Patterns
  • Time and Task Management
  • Facing Your Fears
  • Putting It All Together
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