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Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification Course

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Learning Outcomes

  • Basic Organ Systems that Made Up Our Body
  • Our Nervous System
  • Our Brain
  • Things We Need To Know About Our Powerful Brain
  • How We Create Our Reality
  • Process of Creating Our Reality
  • How The Brain Process Emotions
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP
  • Functions of NLP
  • Operational Principles of NLP
  • Presuppositions of NLP
  • Techniques and Definitions
  • How Do We Make Sense of the World
  • NLP Reframing
  • NLP Representational System
  • Identifying the preferred representation system
  • Eye Cues
  • Other Indicators or Accessing Cues
  • The Conscious Use Of Language Using NLP
  • Eye Patterns
  • Prepare For The NLP Timeline Exercise
  • NLP Timeline Exercises
  • Metaphors
  • NLP Metaphor Techniques
  • Important principles of metaphors
  • Metaphoric Solution
  • Construction of Metaphors
  • Examples of beautiful metaphors
  • Utilization in NLP
  • Leading By Following
  • Utilization In Combination With Reframing
  • The History of the NLP Theory on Sensory Systems and Eye Movements
  • NLP Eye Accessing Cues
  • Eye Accessing Cues Exercise
  • Advantages of Eye-Accessing Cues
  • Practical Applications of Eye-Accessing Cues
  • Internal Representations
  • The NLP Swish Pattern
  • How to Do the NLP Swish Pattern
  • Dissociative Technique - V/K Dissociation
  • NLP Perceptual Positions
  • Steps in NLP Perceptual Positions Technique
  • NLP Perceptual Positions Questions
  • NLP Strategies
  • How NLP Strategies Used
  • NLP Strategies and States
  • NLP T.O.T.E Model of strategy
  • Steps In Eliciting A Strategy In NLP
  • The Key Elements In An NLP Strategy
  • Conditions for the structural Well-formedness of strategies
  • Spelling strategy
  • Flexibility strategy
  • Love Strategy
  • Decision strategy
  • Utilization of strategies
  • NLP Time Line Therapy
  • Applications of Timeline Therapy
  • Utilization As A Cure For Disturbing Noises
  • Utilization As A Solution To Resistance
  • Utilization As Agreement And Respect For The World Model Of The Other

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Learning Modules

  • Our Brain and Nervous System
  • Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP
  • Learning Process in NLP
  • Eye Patterns
  • Internal Representations
  • NLP Strategies
  • Timeline Therapy in NLP Management
  • Metaphors
  • Utilization in NLP
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